featured designer: Ellen Hamilton

We are snowed in today!  My hubby opened the door to shovel and thankfully the shovel was next to the door.  He had to use it just to get out of the house!  I'm drinking my coffee with the baby while my man takes care of the driveway and my oldest vacuums.  Great way to start the day. :-)
  Are you surviving  the snow?

This week's featured designer is Ellen Hamilton, of Hamilton Design Associates.  I was first introduced to her work on House of Turquoise but found her whole portfolio to be delightful.

What to notice?  
Check out her use of patterned, stunning draperies.  Watch her choice of lighting.  Finally, her fearless use of color had me at hello!  

This is just a taste of Ellen Hamilton's portfolio.  Click here to view more of her work.  Could you handle this much color and pattern?  I love how every detail is pulled together.  
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  1. I love her work Abby.....she does use a lot of color but makes it work!!!

  2. Gorgeous- love all of the colour and pattern. And we are snowed in to- kind of nice actually- all of us are home and plan on doing nothing but nothing today- I'm in bed with the little one with coffee too- love having hubby home- extra blog time!!!

  3. That color is so well done! the third room, with patterned walls and fabrics, so great... we're all home here, as well.. might try to make it to the ski hill!

  4. Abby,
    Love all the bright colors - especially on such a dreary day! We have ice here and I some of my precious birch tree branches have snapped. I am devastated! So it is nice to see some cheery pictures! Thanks!

  5. Wow! Such incredible colors and patterns -- love love love it. We're now in an ice storm. I don't think we can take another minute of this!

  6. I adore color so it is no surprise I love her work!! It's fabulous all around!! Great pictures to warm such a cold and icy day!

  7. I love her choices for curtains in all of the pictures that's where my eye goes. I also love how she is not afraid to use color. I find myself staying very neutral at times because I guess I'm not so sure how to incorporate color. Any suggestions?


  8. I love all of Ellen's rooms...they are some of my favorites. Her commitment to color and print is so bold--I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. gorgeous & fearless! No, you know I couldn't handle it...I'm too weak :)

    It is crazy how much snow y'all have!

  10. What fun fearless design!! The crazy mix of patterns are a blast!


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