design board: baby girl to big girl

This sweetie pie is getting her big girl room!
Now that she's going to be a big sister it was time to help her feel special before the big event.

Let's go through the changes together...
--switch all three window treatments to the custom roman shades
--center the bed under the two windows
-side table to the left of the bed, floor lamp on the right
--The wall the crib is against will hold her bookshelf, concealed toys, and her reading chair.

--This dresser will stay on this wall.
--The stencil featured in the design board {with yellow walls}will be done on this wall 
in the pink, orange, and purple.
--I chose that stencil pattern because for two reasons: she wanted flowers and
 I wanted it to mirror the light fixture.

--the chair is moving to the nursery
--this side wall will house her play table and baby bassinet
--the rug will go slightly under her bed and come out toward the door 

Just click on the board to be taken to a source list.  Scroll down on the site for the each item.

I think it's a great room for a fantastic little girl!
What do you think?

I'm currently accepting clients who would like a delightful design board for a room in their home.  
Click here for pricing.


  1. So so cute! Love all of the colors! :) I know she will be one happy girl!

  2. Love it Abby! Thanks so much -- we can't wait to get it all put together in there! I'll show L tonight, and I'm sure she'll approve ;)

  3. Cute cute CUTE! I really love how you carried the flower theme and the happy colors (and good price points). Nice job!
    Mary Ann

  4. Love it! I really like all the colors...she will feel grown up! Hey, I just saw your final project design board...Great stuff!

  5. It looks fabulous!! Can't wait to see the result!

  6. Really cute, Abby! Harper's "big girl room" is on our to do list too... with a million other things :)

  7. Love all the bright colour and mix of pattern- lucky little girl! And ps, can you tell me how you get pictures to link directly like that- have never been able to figure that out.

  8. So cute Abby....I want a big girl room....

  9. It will look darling! Can I have a big girl room too? :) I can not wait to see it all come together.


  10. cant wait to see this completed!

  11. She is adorable. I want a big girl room :)

    Extreme Personal Measures

  12. It's gorgeous Abby!! The things you come up with -- I love them :) Hope you got the house ?!

  13. Love the inspiration board! So happy, layered and thoughtful. And she is absolutely adorable!! OMG such a cutie.

  14. That fabric for the blinds is perfect - ties the whole thing together so well. this is a really good design to bring in the brights that you were looking for!


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