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You deserve some inspiration and beautiful pictures after 

decor pad

We managed to see about eight homes yesterday, and I think we found one to be excited about.
Guess what!  It wasn't on our original list.  Our Realtor suggested it.

Here are two pictures taken from the MLS to show you the kitchen and family room; they are both one room.

Just to give you a little background, this was the least expensive home we viewed. That means more cash to make changes! It's in a great neighborhood where we already have friends.  
BUT, as soon as our Realtor opened the door we heard loud gushing water.  A pipe had burst (we think) in the vacant home and had been pouring water from the main level into the lower level for days. The ceiling had collapsed and the carpet was floating! 

Thank goodness we had a showing or who knows how long it would be leaking.  Our hope is that we can arrange something where the insurance money goes to us to make the changes we would make anyway. 
 This could really work in our favor! 
I'll be referring to this as the "W" house.  "W" is for water and because it's the first letter of the street. :-)
 I'll keep you posted.

Now for the prettiness!
I'm a white kitchen kind of gal and there is something inspiring in each image below.
Feel free to click on any images to visit their source.

What's not to like here?  The "W" kitchen needs more cupboards.  This kitchen would do. 

Lee Ann Thorton designs

Most kitchens have pendants over the island and that can look amazing.  But I like the idea of a chandelier instead!  The more glam the better.
Lori Gilder

We will be replacing the cheap pergo-ish floor at the "W" house.  I love how the dark floors look against the white cabinets.  The table as an island is a favorite look but I'm not sure I could swing that in the house because of the layout.

See this ceiling?  I would love to vault the ceiling and/or expose it through the kitchen and family room.
Have you tried this?  Anyone?

We hope to get an update this week on the "W" house and I so appreciate you joining me in this adventure!  Thank you to all the new followers and visitors.

Special thanks to everyone that bought a set of pillows from Mason Moonbeam!  Jen was blown away by your response and offered me a set of pillows as a thank you!  My new couch could really use them and I can't wait to share how they look.  Y'all are the best!  


  1. The light fixtures from decor pad are stunning!

  2. how fun, i can't wait to buy a house. I think the potential in that house is huge and i can't wait to see you get started!

  3. Fingers and toes are crossed for you, and what's meant to be will be. It's a hard cliche to embrace when you love a house, but I can tell you from house hunting experience, it's true! Good luck my friend :)

  4. House hunting is so exciting! I can't wait to be settled down in one place, but that won't happen for a long time with my husband's career. Have fun and can't wait to experience this process with you.

  5. Beautiful pictures and inspiration. Hope you find just the right house.

  6. I know whatever house you get your fingers it'll be beautiful!! Good luck with the search and I hope 'W' works out for you!!

  7. Hope your wore your wellies to the "pool" house! Beautiful kitchens-especially love the one with the crystal chandelier.

    My Beautiful Life

  8. What a great opportunity for you! Keep us posted on the progress- oh, and stop by my blog when you get a chance - I have a coupon code for 10% off of anything at Overstock!

  9. I just love a good house hunting story! If this one ends up being the one it'll be like you guys rescued it because if not for your showing there's no telling how much more damage could have been caused! Hope it works out for you. Oh- and I love a white kitchen too!

  10. Ooh house looks lovely! great kitchen! I love a white kitchen too - so stylish!

    Rachie xo

  11. I love house hunting and hoping you find the best house for you and your family! Very inspiring images!

  12. LOve love all the inspiration! im so excited for you!!!!

  13. Love them all---but that chandelier is so you, I think!

  14. Oh, the W house has great potential, doesn't it? Love all the pretty white kitchens you shared.

  15. Good luck with the W house! Here's hoping it all works out in your favor!

  16. I love that chandelier above the island! I hope you get this house! What a great project!


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