homes I'd like to rescue: house hunting

We are saying good-bye to our sweet little house.

I hope.

O.K., so we still live here but hopefully we will be gone before our tenants move in!
As of now, their scheduled arrival date is April 15th so we have time to look for a new place.

We're going house hunting with our fantastic Realtor on Sunday and I thought I'd share some of the eye-candy interesting rooms I am dying to rescue.  Just be brave and don't shield your eyes.  
They all have potential!  
{all of these pictures were taken from the MLS}

House #1
Like I said--don't be scared!  Just imagine how open this floor plan could be minus the spindles and possibly even that wall.  Paint the ceiling beams white, rip up the carpet and just imagine how awesome this could be!  Just don't buy it because as of now it's my number one choice. ;-)

House #2
I'm guessing if I removed that hood the beautiful stone fireplace would look much better.  Downside?  I have to base the room off the colors in the stone.  More white paint and more ripping up of carpet is needed.

House #3
This could be fantastic--right?  Do I even need to say what I'd do?  O.K.!  New built-ins.  Paint the mantle. It's possible I'd paint the brick...not sure.

House #4
This can be saved.  I'd basically have to change everything in it, but it can be saved.

House #5
Everyone needs more carpet in the kitchen.  Right?  
More paint or just new cabinets and appliances--the list goes on.

House #8
This house is quickly becoming a favorite.  Does it scare you away?

Do all of these make you want to run for cover?
My hubby and I don't agree on everything but we both want a home we can remodel.

No major remodeling was done to our little house but you can see before and after pictures here.
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!


  1. I can see the potential in all of those places! Good luck on the hunt!

  2. I see tons of potential! I think my fave is the first one too---huge open room... and those beams would look awesome painted white.
    The carpet in the kitchen cracks me up. SOOOOOO nasty!!!!!!

  3. WOW they all look like a load of fun!!! (you don't need to worry i wont buy any of them- I am in Australia) :).

  4. What a great new adventure awaits you...enjoy!

  5. This will be so fun for you! For some reason the last kitchen speaks to me. Good luck! Looking forward to following you in this adventure!

  6. I love the kitchen in house number 5. Good luck with the house hunt!

  7. Congrats! So happy for you! Ooh, now the fun can begin... love that first living room. Who puts carpet in the kitchen? Keep us posted on which one you guys choose-x

  8. Good luck Abby, sounds like fun! I can't wait for a new house and remodeling projects.

  9. House hunting is so fun! I always see the potential hiding under the scary and ugly :) Carpet in a kitchen- why would anyone do that?!

  10. How fun!! I think every house you showed us had great potential. Are you renting out your house?

  11. I would also paint the brick on pic #3. It is begging to be painted.

  12. They definitely all have potential - i'm sure you could tackle any project! :-)
    Rachie xo

  13. You already know my dear that I am right there with you on seeing the potential. I only wish I could be there wiht you in person as you get to roam about all these lovely homes. I look forward to sharing in this fabulous and inspiring adventure with you. :)


  14. I see a lot of working weekends :) But that is right up my alley!!!

  15. The only house that would make me want to run for cover would be a house that had no roof, in the middle of a storm. :) I love the concept of a complete fixer-upper (famous last words, right?) and I can see the potential in ALL of these!!


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