his replacement

The day has arrived when this guy (oh yeah, he's male) is leaving the house forever!
This loveseat is not atrocious.  In fact I'm sure some of you might own something similar.

Here is why he is leaving 
to live in the apartment of the world's best babysitter: Lauren.
  1. It wasn't adding to the overall look I was working towards.  The rest of the room is full of cleaner colors and this muddy sofa was not helping.
  2. We bought this as a solution for our rarely used basement {6 years ago} and never thought we would bring it upstairs.
  3. I was the one sitting on it every night and it was getting uncomfortable.
  4. We need more seating despite the small room.
  5. It was impossible to keep clean.
  6. Most importantly, I was mad and irritated every time I looked at it.  I am ALWAYS telling my clients to get rid of the things they don't absolutely love and here I was with a piece that actually made me angry.  How silly is that?
Meet his replacement.
The Luxe Sofa from World Market.
    At first glance this may not look too much different than what we had. 
     The lines are the same but that's where  the similarities end.

    Why I chose the Luxe Sofa...
    1. This is a SLIPCOVERED sofa.  Yep.  You wouldn't have guessed that, would you?  That means I can actually wash the fabric.  I loved that this was a cleaner looking slipcover than the typical shabby chic look.
    2. We are only going to be in this house for a few more months and this incredibly inexpensive sofa should work in our next house.  Plus, it is a full sized sofa which offers the extra seating we needed.
    3. The price was right.  This sofa and slipcover {sold separately} will usually run you $400.  But World Market was having a sale on all their furniture and we picked it up for a total of $300.  For that price I can buy a new slipcover if needed!
    4. This received great reviews and was actually praised by the LA Times as the best value for under $600.  
    5. The seat cushions are nice and firm while the back cushions are DOWN FILLED.  
    6. It's white!  Which experienced mothers of multiple boys {Rene & Anne-Marie} have shared works really well because of the bleach/washing factor.  Bonus?  White looks fantastic against our blue walls.
    7. Did I mention it was $300?  :-)  The sale ends January 23, 2011.
    I promise to share a picture of how the Luxe looks in our home but I'm waiting to figure out what pillows work best.  I am obsessed with pillows right now so expect a few pillow posts coming up!

    Would you ever buy a white sofa?

    **Editors Note: My post last night is quite comical because Sherry informed me that I am actually guilty of hiding my e-mail address!  HA!  I have since made the change.**

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    1. Yayyyy!!! I looove the new sofa. I can't wait to see it with pillows and all in your living room!

    2. Oh yes I would buy a white sofa! My husband isn't sold on it yet, but I will keep working!

    3. I'm so glad you finally are getting something you like for that space!

    4. Are you kidding you found a sofa for $300 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!! It is going to look so great.Nice replacement.

    5. $300, what a deal! I would LOVE to own a white sofa but i am going to wait a couple years till there are no little ones out to destroy! I can't wait to see your sofa in your room!

    6. We have a slipcovered white linen sofa with a dog and a teenager who eats on it and it is working out really well. To avoid washing it often, I place a white cotton throw blanket across it occasionally. You sure got a bargain!
      Mary Ann
      PS Following you!

    7. Love your choice...my next sofa is definately going to be slip-covered. I think you are really going to enjoy your new one.

    8. Love it!!! It is amazingly tailored for such a great price, too. I'd love to have one but might wait until my children are old enough to have some sense;)

    9. Hi Abby! Found you throughout the it list which I'm also on (the hillside home). Love your blog. Can't way to look around more.
      Just posted today about our white couch and my first adventure in bleaching the slipcovers. :) check it out.

    10. No, personally, I would never buy a white fabric sofa. I might buy a white LEATHER sofa because you can easily clean it. I would be driven insane by the slightest stains or marks, and my husband's dark jeans rub off, my jeans even rub off on my purse, I can't imagine what they'd do to my couch. Do I think a white couch looks great, YES! And for the price, if in two years it's too stained, get a new one. :) Looks great abby, love the pillows with it.


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