10 tips to dress your home for winter

Do you dress your home for winter?  I confess that I am not a huge seasonal decor fan--at least not literally.  You will never find a Valentine's Day banner or flag on our front door.  Some people can pull that off but I can not.  That being said, winter in the Midwest is looooooooong.  This gives us the perfect opportunity to dress our home for the season in the interim between Christmas and Spring! 

 If I could only use one word to describe my winter decor it would be TEXTURE.  If you glance at the board you'll notice that every element makes you want to touch and feel.  Just click on the board to be taken to the source list via olioboard.

 10 tips to help you dress your home for winter

  1. Layers: you want 'em.  This could be anything from a velvet quilt at the end of your bed, a cable knit throw on your sofa, or adding a faux fur rug on top of your current flooring.
  2. Think of adding texture in every form; I like the visual texture of the flowers and the flicker of a group of candles.
  3. Add life!  The greenery from Christmas is gone but Paper Whites, Boxwood, or Rosemary topiaries work well during such a lifeless season.
  4. The more plush and soft pieces you can use the better. 
  5. Natural elements, like a seagrass placemat, is yet another way to add texture and bring the outdoors in.
  6. Let's be honest.  Milk glass vases are season-less but I like white for winter, they can be found for cheap at antique stores, and the ruffles and bumps add a beautiful texture.
  7. Metallics, like the silver pillow above or a gold bowl full of pine cones, don't need to leave with the tree.
  8. Don't be afraid to add a little whimsy like a garland of snowflakes.  Try a little cluster of them over a buffet or the window.
  9. A large bowl or vase of citrus injects color, smell, and life to your space. 
  10. Cable knit is everywhere and now is the time to use it.  Whether you choose to add cable knit pillows or buy it as a case for your iPhone, cable knit is the perfect cozy touch.
I hope you were able to find a few ideas to add warmth to your space!
Do you decorate for winter?
I would love to hear from you!
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    1. Hi Abby, great tips. The winter is too long in my book no matter where you live! Love this post.

    2. Loving your winter tips...needing to add a little warmth in my home for this bitter cold NC weather!!

    3. I love anything with texture. Great tips!


    4. Great post...somehow all of the items you have posted look so comforting, warm and cozy...maybe it is the textural aspect. Thanks, some great ideas.

    5. Great post! I agree it's all about layers and textures in the winter. Makes everything so cozy :)

    6. Hi Abby....welcome back from Mexico! You are right...winter does not have to dark...you just proved it with this mood board of light textural items!

    7. I love the cable-knit pillows and throws for winter. Also, I used to think it was silly that people changed things up for the seasons...but now I totally get it. It's nice to make little changes - keeps things fresh.

      I've been tossing around some ideas for how I can use old wool sweaters for home accessories...more on that in a few weeks, I hope!

    8. I keep forgetting you have this blog and always go to the other!! I'am now a follower. How are you? I love this blog of yours. I hope your 2011 is an amazing one.

    9. Great post~ thank you, Abby! This is probably a silly question, but what are Paper Whites? Marta

    10. Wow, you and I are so alike! So lovely to meet you Abby, x

    11. I love these tips! I agree that making changes in the home to reflect the season is just a nice thing to do. I swap out my bedding--it's white with bright pillows in summer, then I do a light blue with gray pillows in winter.

    12. I definitely feel the same way. Texture is the key. You picked some fabulous pieces!

      -xoxo Noe

    13. Great ideas - I love adding touches of white in winter as well.


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