final project for design class

Last night was my last evening spent at Kendall School of Design.
I am SO GLAD I decided to take the class.  If there is a subject you have always wanted to learn more about I would highly recommend taking a continuing education class at a school near you!  The connections I made were priceless. 

A few highlights--
I learned
**how to draw a floor plan to scale
**how to draw a front elevation
**how to create a presentation board that is not on the computer
**that I was naturally doing what was correct without knowing exactly why
**that I sometimes like to break "the rules"

Our assignment was to select one room in our house and transform it into what we would love.  We then had to draw a floor plan, elevation of one wall, and create a presentation board.
  I chose our living room because it has the most placeholders (furniture that was given to us or furniture that I dislike) and is the largest room in the house.

 Here are a few pictures of the room as it looks now. 
The list of changes is huge so take a break from this post and go get more coffee.
Bonus points for those of you who read to the end!

Our window wall

Paint the whole room In Your Eyes by Benjamin Moore (which has more green than your screen view) 
with white glossy trim.
ceiling painted in Polar Ice by Benjamin Moore which is actually lighter and more blue than the wall color.

 remove carpet

and cover them with this FANTASTIC wool and silk rug

Replace the couch--kids can't ruin it.

with this side table
one of these lamps on either side

with theses textured pillows
and two of these  crocodile ottomans in front of the sofa

Now this fireplace wall

replace the TV and stand with this chair
art above the fireplace
flanked by these sconces

Now, onto the "corner with the basement loveseat"...

would have this chandelier

and this loveseat
with a few red velvet pillows
Is anyone still reading?  Anyone?  

Here is how our "vintage glam" living room looks all together.

What do you think?
I had trouble deciding if I wanted a calm, subtle room, or a space that was bold. 
 I went bold.  I couldn't help it.  
This just suits our family.

Thanks for spending time with me today! Be sure to check back Saturday for the giveaway!  

**If you would like to be delighted with your home contact me at adelightfuldesign@gmail.com for services.**
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  1. That's a WHOLE lotta changes.....but I'm excited!!! Your right I did need another cup of coffee for that!

  2. Wow...this is amazing...so many things about it that I like. The couch is wonderful, great style and I love the painting! Good job.(-: This must have been fun.

  3. Abby, so happy you went bold!! Love your concept! Congrats on finishing your class!!

  4. Super stunning.....and things that I would never have thought would look good together...LOOK AMAZING. You really do have that special eye for this, Abby. After the wedding, you and I will need to work on my home!!

  5. I everything. That yellow leather Chesterfield is a favorite - sophisticated and indestructable!

  6. I meant to say I love everything - whoops!

  7. Totally awesome. I really, really like the unique and classy and colorful idea you put together!

    I really want to take a few design courses, because I have visions in my head but would like more education to back them up. I'm planning to take at least one in 2011.

  8. Just fab Abby! I really love this room and I see it as liveable for a young family, too. All the furniture pieces are incredible. If only our personal budgets met our visions (speaking for myself!!)

  9. I think you have found your calling :). A really sophisticated and enlivened take on the classics. Where is that art from? Kid you not, I have that pic in my inspiration files for my family room!

  10. Carol- You're so kind. And you are speaking for me too because this room is not in our budget! The rug is so expensive you have to inquire on the price. :-)

    Thanks Anne-Marie! You know I value your opinion. The painting is from Z. Gallerie.

    http://www.zgallerie.com/p-9043-stumped-in-motion.aspx I am crazy for that painting!!

    **I reply to comments individually but felt those questions needed to be answered publicly.**

  11. OMG I want that room! It is amazing!


  12. That rug is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!! I think I need that in my life. Can you post links to some of this stuff. That room would be GORGEOUS and I already thought it looked good! But I had no idea you painted everything "aqua" - like that too. :) Of course I love that you went BOLD. =) You only live once!!! You did a great job Abbs and I hope you get to turn this into a "real" profession as the kids get older, if that makes sense. You're really a natural. And I'm still glad you studied policy, but that's purely for selfish reasons. ;)

  13. I would kill for an eye like yours - I am utterly useless! (That doesn't actually mean I want to kill you...)
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - wasn't sure about that one so feeling much better about it now!

  14. so proud of you for taking that class! love this room--everything about it. Are you going to try to do this for real?

    Hey, and is that light Arteriors? I haven't seen a drop lotus flower like that.


  15. Thank you to everyone for these incredibly kind comments! I have added links to the items so feel free to click on what you like to be taken to the store.

    Julie--that light is actually from Layla Grace.

  16. Wow...Abby, I love it!! I'm now obsessed with the tufted leather couch...fabulous!!

  17. I absolutely love your plan- that yellow couch is one of my all time favourites and I adore the rug/art/all of it- fabulous job!!! xo

  18. Wow Amazing!!! And go figure...I knew you were a amazing person when we were just childhood friends....you still continue to amaze me!!! You have been given a ture talent from God....I am glad to see you are using it...you will go far I KNOW THIS FOR SURE!! Luv ya

  19. Great job! It all looks so beautiful. I love the yellow sofa! I'm a sucker for anything tufted!

  20. Beautiful choices! I LOVE that chesterfield. I have an almost identical one in burgandy leather but that yellow makes all the difference! And the rug is killer! Vanna

  21. Great inspiration! Your room is very pretty as is, but I know how we like to change things. Enjoy your weekend.


  22. I was totally with you all the way though!! It looks GORGEOUS! I love the wall colour and all the seating. YUM!

  23. I love, love your choices! Nothing boring about your plans! Are you really going to do it? Can't wait to see how it turns out. So happy to have found your lovely blog. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back.
    Merry Christmas!

  24. Abby...you rocked it sista!!! Love...Love...Love the yellow sofa! The whole room is stunning...now the task is to find the copy cat chic version of everything :)

  25. I totally agree...GO BOLD! I seriously cannot wait to see the end result. It all looks so incredible and I can tell you have the knack and the talent for this! I would so love to take a design class...maybe in the next season of life. :-) Thank you so much for linking up to Inspiration Friday and for your sweet comment. I still couldn't resist coming over even if you did give me permission not to visit!

  26. definitely agree with the bold! Love that chandelier you pictured!

    Take care,

  27. Great choices. I love those sconces and the idea of the painted floors :)

  28. I love your plan and the blue chair, wonderful !

  29. Girl, you've got some talent!! And that yellow couch? Fabulous!!

    Oh and sweetie, have you added your city/country information to Location Central yet? It's where you can see who else blogs in your area! We're all in there! It's at:


  30. WOW! LOVE the chandelier you want! Have FUN decorating!

  31. So refreshing. Love the yellow leather couch!!! Great vision!



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