Eileen Katherine Boyd: featured designer

After seeing her work in the holiday issue of Lonny I needed to see more of Eileen Katherine Boyd's designs. I was happy to discover that she has a blog!

I love that she doesn't shy away from color. 
 I always respect a designer that doesn't apologize for their style.

Do you notice our beloved Honeysuckle is used throughout her designs?

I couldn't help but notice that she creates window treatments that I have not seen done before.

I would happily accept that mirror under the tree this year!

How fantastic is this room--really.  Now that gray is being used everywhere as the it neutral, this should give you inspiration.  If you like the gold and white occasional tables then visit Fogarty Collection.  They carry two topped in white snakeskin leather.

I don't believe I will ever tire of the turquoise and pink color combination.

Which room would you choose as a favorite?  Or would you prefer a more neutral room?

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  1. I love her work and use of bold colour- her feature in Lonny was my favourite in the issue.

  2. Hi Abby, I'll take the first room, it's the most homey to me. And at this point in my life, with family, it's all about a homey home. Her work is beautiful and I dig her window treatments, too, especially the one with the blue rings (like a mod-60's dress!)

  3. I love her work, the way she uses color in such unexpected ways! The last picture is my favorite room, two of my fav colors...and you know honeysuckle was just named color of 2011 :)


  4. Christine-
    Her work was my favorite spread in Lonny as well!

    Carol- If you go to her website and view the portfolio there are quite a few window treatments that remind me of dresses!

    Sarah- I couldn't be more excited about the color of 2011!

  5. For me, the best are the first and last photos. I can absolutely see our family living there.

    Too bad this house is so BEIGE!! Meh. Hate renting.

  6. Lovely rooms all and beside the lovely decorating full of wonderful architectual details.

  7. Abby have been meaning to ask if you have tips for decorating our table for Christmas lunch? It's our first Christmas at our place so any ideas very welcome. I am ridiculously excited.

  8. Of course! I just started thinking of what I'm going to do to our table today--It's coming together. I'll pull some ideas together for you.

  9. I think my favorite is the blue and green room with that awesome mirror...but I do love the pink too. Makes me realize - once again that I want more cheerful colors in my house instead of all the earthtones! Thanks for the great post!

  10. The last one...I love it b/c I could have my son paint a masterpiece using those vibrant colors to infuse the space even more with a most personal touch.


  11. cant decide..all spaces are equally beautiful!

  12. I need to read Lonny, apparently. Because I Love, Love, Love this lady's stuff!! Seriously, you made my day with these photos. Every room rocks, an I can't pick a favorite - 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th photos are all faves. Love the use of color. Sigh. This makes me want to flee work and go home and paint!!!

  13. Your new site is so beautiful---I can't find anything to critique, Abby :)


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