crazy for nailhead trim

I have become a bit crazy about nailhead trim!
It used to be that you really only noticed it on furniture like this chair.

But now it's everywhere and the look is less mission-style-bungalow 
and more glamorous & transitional.

Made By Girl featured this kitchen and the detail of the nailhead trim just takes it up a notch.  Never mind that those lights are a show stopper!

Upholstered chair, anyone?

 Again, it's the details that make the design.  I am loving this Queen Nailhead Upholstered Headboard via West Elm. 

Looking to embellish your kid's room?  Mrs. Howard  combined this small check fabric with double trim and it looks beautiful against the wallpaper!

I love the idea of nailhead trim in an unexpected place, such as along the molding of your chair rail.  Mrs. Howard is such an inspiration!

I am kicking myself because I found these ottomans at Marshals for a steal and walked away.  BIG mistake.  I was thinking of putting them at the end of our bed.  Then during my research for this post, what do I find on decor pad?  These linen tufted ottomans. There is no limit to what nailhead trim can make better!

If you are inspired to add a little glam to your house with this trendIsabella & Max Rooms has a great tutorial on how to add nailhead trim to upholstered furniture!  

Would you add nailhead trim in your home?  

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  1. Those ottomans look exactly like the ones at Marshalls! Are you going back for them now?!

  2. I love nail heads like a crack addict loves crack :)......Great pictures.

  3. I completely agree....I think there is something 'sexy' about nailhead. A while back, I made a bulletin board w/brass nailhead and I love it!!


  4. I am a HUGE nailhead fan, always have been. I love things tufted, english, french and studded!

  5. I love the look of nailhead trim- I want to add it to our dining room chairs but don't think I could do as good a job as Janell. I'm afraid my lines would be all wobbly!

  6. I think I overdid the nailhead look in our family room, watch you'll see when I post it one day....


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