Baby Week: Inspiration For Baby Boy

Baby week?  Yep.  I currently have at least seven friends with a bun in the oven and those are just the ones who have spilled the beans.  Needless to say I have nurseries on the brain!  After putting together this post, I realized I have so much more to share that I concluded I need a whole week of posts to do this right.  Not knocked-up or anti-baby?  Don't worry.  My hope is that something will still catch your eye.

There are so many options for new parents.  Here is some inspiration!  All of these images were found on Houzz, but many were not sourced.  I've added a few notables under each image because of course I want you to know just exactly what I think is so fabulous.

Loving the striped walls and the zebra rug for a bit of the unexpected.

I'm not crazy about this nursery because something feels off to me, but check out the wood paneling on the window treatments: very creative.

Here is the same "off" nursery, but I like the idea of taking an old door and creating shelves.

I love everything about this nursery: the yellow pompoms, the bedding, and especially the painted floor

This is my favorite spin on an alphabet wall but could also be done to write the child's name, or any other words of inspiration.

What a stunning gender neutral space.  Between the paper mobile, painted floors, and sophisticated bedding, I'm in.

How sweet is this mobile?

Yummy fabric on the roman shades.  I like color combinations.

This is my top choice because not only is it playful, but the space is also sophisticated.  Don't you just love the elephant drapes?

Don't forget about the ceiling!  Here is an oldie but goodie from Domino Magazine...God rest it's soul.

Do you love dreaming about nurseries?  What is the best idea you have seen done well for a boy's nursery?  Which one of these would you choose?


  1. Oh my gosh, I just emptied our front room and turned it into a playroom and have been looking for ideas for the walls, I am definitely doing that alphabet wall! Love it!

  2. I've had that pic of the alphabet wall saved in my files for a long time. Love it - I would like to replicate it one of these days! I also did a post on this nursery that I love (the color palette is awesome): http://greenstreetblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/lindsay-anyon-brier.html

    Hope you're having a good day, Abby!!

  3. Thanks Abby...got some good ideas from those!

  4. Sarah- I'm glad you found an idea that works for you!
    Fran- that nursery color palette really is awesome! Thanks for sharing the link.
    Sherry-Thanks! ;-)

  5. You've really got me thinking!!! :) Keep the ideas coming.

  6. All soooo precious. I love different things in each one - the striped walls, the striped ceilings, alphabets, neutral spaces - hmmmm...glad I don't have to choose!!


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