Green Velvet And Doing What You Love

I have a crush on velvet and now I see it everywhere. If money were no object, this fabulous sofa would be in my house tomorrow.

I like how this room uses the green velvet in a luxurious way while still feeling casual enough to plop down and be at home. 
Here is the bigger picture.

I think our yellow sofa still works in the room.  

But this couch, that was never supposed to make its way up from the basement, does not work.
Please, don't get me started on the lamp...  

I have decided that this velvet love seat might be just the solution I am looking for to replace my place holder love seat.
Studio Sofa, $499.00

What has me thinking about all these changes to my house?  No, it's not consumer greed, but this post from Milk and Honey Home.  I am receiving more regular requests for design consultations.  But with a home that does not fully reflect my style, or holding a degree in Interior Design, how can a client really know that I have the faintest idea what I'm doing?  Julie  explains her solution here.  

I have a few different steps I'm taking in the right direction.  First, I'm registered for one design course at Kendall College of Art and Design in November.  Second, I decided to start a new blog that is solely design based.  Right now I have two different sets of readers: those that want family topics and those looking for design inspiration.  These steps are still in process. 

Thank you Julie for inspiring me to not get discouraged, and to keep moving forward in my passion: design.

**EDITORS NOTE:  CLICK HERE to see how I finally updated that space!


  1. Very cool! Look forward to the new blog.
    Also, I was just thinking of having my sofa recovered in velvet. I do think it's great for coziness, classiness - AND because the pet hair vacuums right off it. (a must in my house).
    I like that green settee!

  2. So inspiring to hear you following those inklings that will lead you to more fulfillment in your creative life. So exciting!

  3. Thanks Jane and Sarah! I think I may put a poll to vote for the title. Sarah, I may be asking for your web design services again!

  4. Abby, I love your green velvet crush!! :) Do you know I have a folder dedicated to green velvet sofas?? Love them too. Second, I too, was inspired by Julie's post and agree with the idea that your home is your lab. Just this past w/e I looked into interior design classes; I really want to dive more into it. That is so exciting about your new endeavors - can't wait to hear more!!! Definitely keep us in the loop!!

  5. You know me and my obsession with Craig's List? I am really having a thing with velvet couches this past week, because I've found so many great ones on Craig's List, but alas, we do not have the room. But your title made me laugh, because I sent a bunch of listings to my husband, one being an emerald green velvet couch. It is GORGEOUS. I think you should go for it. What a price! and brand new!

  6. I love velvet - and the green...gorgeous!!

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by. As you can see I am browsing through your posts. Your dining room is gorgeous and in one of my favorite colors. This living room is gorgeous, too. Well the yellow sofa against those luscious walls and then you showed the other little couch from the basement. Since you already said you don't like it a pretty chair and ottoman would look nice there. I know we can't always have what we want when we want it. Gosh when we were young I didn't have stuff I liked either and my kids are learning the same thing. Your home is beautiful from what I have seen so far. Hope you will visit again.



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