Brighten Up My Rainy Day:D Home Mag

My heart sings when I view these rooms from D Home Magazine.

It may be time to move to Texas.


  1. That coffee table is one of my all time favorites-absolutely love it!!

  2. That table is my favorite as well!! I also love the light fixture in the first image.

  3. White furniture with all boys! Abby you're crazy, girl. Truthfully, I covet white slipcovered chairs. Not reality for my house though. They are pretty in magazines but not covered with paw prints and peanut butter.

  4. Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog :) that first image is amazing! I LOVE the black and white combo.

  5. Ooh mine too. That curvy coffee table is gorge.

  6. I expect no less from Jamie, the art director there (that is who I interviewed for Rue--did you see her home in there? amazing.) Have a good day!


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