Thank You, Ms. Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is an incredibly talented, original, gutsy, inspiring designer.  You might remember Kelly from her time as a judge on Bravo's Top Design.  But today I want to share her work that inspires me the most.  She is not afraid of color, or going over the top.  She uses fabulous lighting, and unexpected elements in every room.  Ms. Wearstler breaks the mold.  

Even if you would never want your home or office to look like this, one can still appreciate Kelly's value as a true artist.  

Brentwood Estate

Belair Villa

Doheny Estate

Santa Monica

BG at Bergdorf Goodman

Maison 140 Bedroom

Maison 140

Thank you, Kelly Wearstler!  We can all use a little more color in our lives.
What do you think of her style?  Which room do you like best?  I think the bedroom is my first choice!

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  1. While I don't love everything she does...some of it I just don't get, I do think she's incredibly talented- she gave the world Imperial Trellis!!

    I do love that Bel Air villa room and have admired the bookcase wall in the Santa Monica space!

  2. I LOVE the bookcase wall in Santa Monica....but LOVE the colors in the bedroom best! I guess that reflects in our decision for wedding colors huh?! I really appreciate ALL of these rooms though.

  3. Love the bookshelf wall and I think I am going to show it to Tim so I can have one of my own! I have a perfect spot! Meg

  4. I like the Bel Air Villa.....and I agree....she totally rocks the term "outside of the box"...Sherry

  5. I LOVE her more and more and more. Yes, she is polarizing, but any good artist is. She pushes the limits of what interiors can be. She seriously inspires me a lot.

  6. Bel Air Villa is totally the pick for me and for my house. However, if I were to live in Maison 140, I may never leave - love it!

  7. Doheny Estate is my fav. That is totally how I want my house to look...strangely it looks nothing like that.

  8. I love Kelly Wearstler because she is so bold. She bucks the trends and the rules and does what she likes. Her use of scale and color is dead-on, and her rooms are original. If only we all had her gutsy conviction...

  9. My favorite is the Doheny Estate, and Bergdorf Goodman would be a close second. Wow - beautiful!! But I agree that I wouldn't like all of her stuff...some doesn't appeal to me at ALL...so I think "polarizing" is a good word.

  10. I just came across your blog...wow i am So happy I did :)
    I love love it!
    im your newest follower !!


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