Corie's Living Room: The Before

Last week, my good friend Corie sent me a note saying that she wanted to completely change her living room.  Lucky for me, she was kind enough to let me help her with the process! I asked her to snap some quick pictures of the room, so you are seeing the real deal-on her lunch hour-two kids under two space. She graciously agreed to let me share our adventure on my blog.

Here are a few before pictures:

She would like to change to more of a shabby chic meets Anthropologie feel.  Here is a picture of the room that inspired her from nest decorating:

Here are some photos of what she hoped to incorporate into the room:

a lamp from upstairs

                                                               a new rug from Craigslist

               a family afghan

She also found a vintage yellow chair on craigslist that she knew she wanted to include...and her lovely, sweet as pie, baby girl, June comes with the house!

We have had so much fun making changes, (well at least I have) and I can not wait to see the finished project!  Thank you, Corie, for letting me into your home!

Stay tuned for "The After" pictures, to see if it looks anything like Corie's inspiration room.

(I apologize for the crazy layout of this post!  Blogger was not cooperating with me.)


  1. Can't wait to see the "after" pics! Will you come do mine next??!

  2. Of course! Just let me know when I can come over! Although you might want to wait for the "after" pics first. :-) We should be done by this weekend.

  3. This has been the most fun ever! We're so close to being done - with this room at least :) But I do have to say that looking at the before pictures makes me sad for all the time we spent in such a dreary living room. How could welive like that?! I especially detest the floral contraption on the shelf in the entry way, what was I thinking?! "If you don't love it, don't live with it" I think that's what you said, right??


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