Ork Posters: An Original Gift

Graduation season is coming, and wedding season is just around the corner.  I think these posters and screen prints are just the perfect gift.   They look great in a kids room, office, living room, or the top of the stairs.  I can even see them in a lobby of a small business or in the classroom.  The best part is they are incredibly affordable.
You might recognize this Great Lakes screen print from our nursery. After growing up on Lake Huron, my love for the Great Lakes runs deep.

Ork Posters! has a great story.  When Jenny Beorkrem (Chicago native) searched for a neighborhood poster to fit her simplistic style, there was nothing to be found.  So she created her own.

She began selling her design on Etsy, and the word spread on the blogs (considering this happened in 2007 I'm just a bit behind) and she created designs of other cities: Manhantan, Brooklyn, Boston.  She was able to leave her corporate job and follow her dream of design.  Here are a few more examples                                                            You can find your favorite city and color design here.



  1. I've seen these before and I love them! Thanks for the reminder, I've headed to look at them now. So original and reasonable.

  2. These are great gifts!! Thanks for stopping by our Table today! I think it's so fun to model giving to our kids! They seem to take to it very naturally especially when we make it a part of our family culture!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Kristin! I will be blogging about your "Love Bomb" post tomorrow, and sharing our experience from today. Also--I'm in love with "fancy Fridays"!


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