'After' Photos of my Dining Room via Ashley Avila


Just for fun, here is what our dining room looked like the day we moved in.

~Changes Made~
*painted the walls Calypso Blue by Benjamin Moore
*buffet and dining table were painted white
*chairs were swapped out for a non-matching look
*new lighting over the table and sconces added
*striped hallway

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Lake House Dreaming

Hi all!  Life does not slow down for me during the summer, so we're trying to make the most of our weekends by traveling to visit family.  Last weekend was Chicago and then Charlevoix for the 4th of July.  My heart is on the lake shores of Michigan.
Why not dream big?  If I had my way we'd live on the lake permanently.

My dream home on the water 
would look something like this...


source unknown

Do you dream of a home on the water?  If not, what's your ideal? 
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Year of Change: June's Project in our Guest Bedroom

 Hello all!  Happy Friday!  Thank you for the love on yesterday's Palm Beach Picnic--you're the best.  

Today is the reveal for June's "Year of Change".  
This is a monthly series that wonderful ladies I met at Alt Summit put together, and for
 the month of June I am their guest!   

Every month my friends partner with a company and the challenge is how each of them incorporate a piece into their home.  I had the privilege of taking part in the month of June while the worked with Lamp's Plus.  They allowed each of us to select shades and what's called a "swag kit".  It's a pretty interesting invention that allows you to transform any shade into a pendant light!  

swag kit

I selected two of these gray and white patterned shades for our guest room.  The nightstands aren't very large and I wanted to free up the surface space.

I wish the photos were better, but the lighting is this room is the trickiest in the whole house.
 I love that now there is a place for our guests to have a glass of water and fresh flowers.

What do you think of the pendants?  I like the soft light they give and their modern feel against my grandmother's antique headboard.

I can't wait to see what all the other ladies selected!  I can guarantee you will love their work.  Thanks to Lamp's Plus for the lighting and to my gal's from the Year of Change for including me this month! 

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Palm Beach Picnic: 10 tips for your indoor picnic

Last week I was approached by Red Envelope to develop a concept for an indoor picnic.  No, they didn't pay me or give me product, it was simply a request for ideas.  After a bit of thought I said yes, because I absolutely love to entertain and think of a new spin on an old idea.  
Plus, it's always fun to create something out of nothing.

The theme I landed on was "Palm Beach Picnic".  A more-is-more type of look full of color, bamboo, florals, and fancy.  An indoor picnic doesn't necessarily need to be sparse and have a vinyl tablecloth.  It all started when I found a few boxes of patterned straws and knew that was the color scheme I wanted.  Then I went to Joann's for fabrics and found the most beautiful emerald-green eyelet fabric.  I knew I wanted the eyelet as the tablecloth.  Next, I hunted for runner fabric and discovered a fantastic floral.  It had every color I needed and would really look fabulous against the green.

The best part about this project?  Ashley Avila Photography graciously agreed to take the photographs.  She's a photographer in Grand Rapids that specializes in interiors and weddings.  She has a great eye and I'm so thankful she was willing to come over and capture this indoor picnic idea.  Another huge bonus?  Rebecca Lemon of Ideal Events and Design saw what I was planning from Instagram and offered to create the menu, place cards, and invitation.  Of course I said yes, and she came over the next day, offered to let me borrow a few key props and was here for the photo shoot helping me make everything photo perfect.  Thanks ladies!

~10 tips for your Indoor Picnic~
#1.  Make it personal.  Everyone feels more special when their food is individualized for them. Family style has its place, but for an indoor picnic I recommend baskets on each plate, place cards, and great eats that's already ready to go in their basket.

#2.  Add natural elements such as bamboo, greens, flowers, or even a wooden picnic basket.

#3.  Make it pretty use what you have!  An indoor picnic has advantages, and one of them is that you can feel free to use the beautiful glassware you've been keeping in storage for a special occasion.  Having people over?  That's your special occasion.  

#4.  Use color to create the wow.  The fuchsia napkins, emerald table cloth, and floral runners create interest and an overall wow to the table.  Don't be afraid of color.  This is a fun and a great chance to play around with colors you might normally shy away from.

#5.  Keep it simple.  Kale salad, ham and apple sandwiches, and fruit were a simple but pretty on the eyes lunch.  Easy and tasty!

#6.  Go for nostalgia.  Everyone remembers eating ice cream sandwiches in the summer and trying to keep the ice cream from melting down your hands.  These sprinkle cookies from the grocery store bakery make a fantastically fun ice cream dessert.  

#7.  Have food out when your guests arrive while you finish up.  A cheese platter with a bit of fruit takes seconds to assemble and a wooden cutting board goes back to adding in those natural elements I mentioned before.  This cheese tray is also great for when the picnic is over, but everyone is lingering around the table talking.  Small bites during conversation is always nice.

#8.  Bring the outdoors in!  I added two bamboo side tables from my living room to flank my buffet and placed huge ferns on them from my yard.  If we're going to picnic inside, I want to feel the lushness of eating outdoors but without the bugs. ;-)

#8 Mix a pitcher drink so guests can help themselves.  This was a strawberry basil cocktail.  Not only does it taste great but it looks pretty.

#9.  Add votive candles.  They are inexpensive and take any party from plain to special.

More individual, nostalgic picnic food in the form of popcorn with sprinkles.  Rebecca created the pattern for these paper liners and printed them on velum.  So pretty!

#10.  Add flowers from your local greenhouse or grocery store and assemble them yourself.  You don't need to spend a fortune for your flowers to have great impact.  

Thank you for joining us for this Palm Beach Picnic!  What's your favorite tip?  Would you try a picnic indoors?  What I love about this concept is that it could easily translate to a baby or wedding shower, a bridal luncheon, or even mother's day brunch.  I hope you enjoyed this styled shoot!

Thank you to Ashley Avila Photography and Ideal Events and Design for their contributions!

*This post is part of RedEnvelope's Anatomy of a Picnic Guide.*

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