Design with Kids in Mind: MY FIRST PODCAST

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak with Meloday from GRKids.com, a local website focused on all things kids.  We spoke about living with good design while your kids are still young, and how to transition rooms as they get older.  Confession: I wasn't feeling well and was terribly nervous, but sometimes you have to jump in and hope for the best!  Melody was very welcoming and did her best to walk me through the podcast process.  
She is an inspiring woman and I'm proud to call her friend.    

photo by Ashley Avila Photography


One Room Challenge -- Week #6, master bedroom reveal

Reveal day! 

 I'm so glad you're here!  If this is your first time visiting Abby M. Interiors, welcome.  I've been working with my clients for the past six weeks transforming their master bedroom and today I'm sharing the final look.   If you missed any of the previous five weeks, feel free to click through!


What an exciting time for us design lovers.  There is so much talent in this round that I don't know how I could ever pick a favorite!  We owe a huge thank you to Miss Linda from Calling it Home.  She works tirelessly behind the scenes putting the One Room Challenge together.  
Thank you, Linda!  Without you these rooms might never get finished. ;-)

(All after photos by Ashley Avila Photography)

What to know before you read further:

*No one wins an award in this challenge.* 
 I participate because Linda asked and I love it.  Crazy, right? You should have seen my client's face when I broke the news to him that there are no judges and no prizes.  We simply share the room and that's it.  Ha!  But this is a common question so let's just get that out of the way.

*Sponsors make a huge difference.
I will be writing a post sharing ALL of the sources for this room, but there were a handful of sponsors that made this bedroom possible.  Please give them some love for their help!
Minted // Lamps Plus // Wayfair // Drawn // 6 Wilson // 
Lost & Found // Keaton and Co // Jana Bek // Simple Redesign

*Does the One Room Challenge give you a budget?* 
 No, you could spend a million dollars on your room if you have it.  In my case, my clients gave me a specific budget (not a million dollars) to work with, the sponsors help tremendously, and then I pitched in a little for finishing touches I thought were important for photos but optional for my clients to keep.

It's not often that I have the opportunity to design a room down to styling every surface.  This has been a treat.  My clients were fantastic.  Like a dream!  I will write more about the behind the scenes of this ORC soon, but for today, let's be honest...I know you're just here for the photos!

Here are the before pictures my clients were generous to share with us!  We had already worked together on the downstairs of their home and now it was time to bring their master bedroom up to speed.  They are a super stylish and fun couple with school age children and full-time jobs.  This bedroom didn't reflect their style.  When asked how they wanted the room to feel they said,
"We'd like a room that feels relaxing, calm, comfortable and sophisticated."  
I knew they were big fans of neutrals and she asked me to include pale pink in the room.  It all started when I fell hard for this Winter Crane fabric by Dwell Studio for Robert Allen...
The rest of the room was built from there.
You may read my interviews with my clients in past ORC weeks.

I'm thankful Carrie was willing to share the photographs she took of this room before she ever knew she'd be part of the One Room Challenge!  It's not easy letting the world see your home. Thanks Carrie!

Let's get started!


His tall dresser was where I was able to include their wedding invitation and a photo they love from their honeymoon.

You may not notice the personal moments in this room, but butterflies remind Carrie of her mother, and it was important for me to include some type of butterfly art in the room.

*Lee Woodard rocker available at Lost & Found*

Carrie found this pineapple and pink vase at her parents home the day before our photo shoot.  I wanted it to be in a place where she would see it often, and therefore, opposite the bed.

The beautiful photos were all taken by the talented  Ashley Avila.  She was wonderful to work with and is always very patient with me while we make adjustments.  Thank you Ashley!  

Friday I'll be sharing the truth behind the One Room Challenge, along with all of the sources for this room.  I'll be responding to every comment below, so feel free to ask questions if you have them.  I would love to hear what you think!

Carrie gave me the biggest compliment Monday and I don't think she even realized how much it meant to me.  She mentioned that she actually retreated to their master bedroom with a beverage & a book, because she loved her room.  In the past, she had always steered clear from their master bedroom. But for the first time she actually wanted to spend time in the space.  Music to my ears.  

That might sound dramatic, but it's true.

Thank you to my wonderful, generous, and trusting clients for allowing me in your home. I appreciate the freedom you gave me to create a room that I hope reflects
 the best version of your style. xx 

Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.

Now hold onto your hats, because my fellow participants are sharing gorgeous transformations. Oh, and if you'd like to see my last One Room Challenge, click here.  I will be overdosing on coffee and good design today! Enjoy!


One Room Challenge -- Week #5

Party people!  It's week five of the One Room Challenge! 

I'm part super relaxed about this  whole "let's design, finish a room, and have it photographed in six weeks" and part freaking out on the inside.  I'm going to keep it short and sweet today.  Let's jump right into the good stuff: WINDOWS!

Isn't Instagram wild?  Instagram has helped me connect with so with talented business women, artists, photographers, and fellow designers. I'm addicted.  I've been following @drawncompany for a while now...since before they even had their name!  As a fabric junkie, I'm always attracted to beautiful work, especially when it comes to windows.  Julie & Jen, of Drawn clearly create beautiful custom window treatments.  And I'm thrilled to use their roman shades in my client's master bedroom.  

Yes, these are grainy cell phone photos, but that will make the real photos next week just that much better!  I promise we will take some gorgeous shots of these shades.  Hopefully you can see what a big impact they have on the room.  I love the finishing details, like the piping across the top and the lining. 

The Real Story
Background on the windows...before we started making changes to the room they had blinds and a pleated valance.  I was planning to keep the blinds, remove the valances, and add drapes.  Originally the winter crane fabric was going to be the drapes.  Then a couple weeks in I realized that the shade on the right didn't work properly.  My clients have lived with it broken for so long, that she forgot to tell me.  We ALL know how it goes when you get used to something and don't even see it anymore.  This wouldn't work, but we're on a deadline.  
I contacted Drawn in a panic.  HELP PLEASE!
 Julie, one of the owners, was a gem to speak with and was able to help us in time for the photo shoot.
Thank you!

I have a long way to go before the room is finished.  
*nightstands need to be styled
*bed needs to be dressed
*add piece over the headboard
*install gallery wall and sconces
*style the two dressers and TV table
*finish upholstering the new vintage chairs for the end of the bed

I'll be posting many updates on Instagram, you can be sure.  
Until then, let's refill our coffee and check out the other challengers!

Trademarked by Calling it Home

Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


#shoppingwithAbbyM: World Market Favorites

Work days filled with shopping?  This is what everyone imagines is the life of an interior designer and some days this is true!  Just know it's not the gritty every day. ;-)

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that occasionally I do a blast of #shoppingwithAbbyM posts, about what I'm loving at a particular store that day.  It's a way for us to shop together virtually.  I found great pieces at World Market yesterday and saved most of them for this post instead of just on Instagram.  

If the items are available online, I link to them.
  Otherwise you'll just have to search your local store. ;-)

Basically I want to design a room around this rug.  It's mostly grays and blues with just the tiniest hints of pink.  YES.  

Navy.  Herringbone.  Wanted everything about these X-base stools.  Use two under a console table.  Place two at the end of your bend.  Flank you buffet in the dining room with them.  Use two as coffee table.  Options are endless.

This chandi is perfect for a swanky dining room or would be interesting over a kitchen island. Looks like it's out of stock online, but you can search your zip code for available store. 

Loved this carved wooden mirror.  They had two on clearance and I would put them next to eachother in a girls bathroom with double sinks.  I think they're unexpected.  You could also put two over a long dresser in a bedroom.

 Someone needs to buy this brass pendant.  Just imagine the cool shadows it would cast in the room!  Only $100.

 Liked the colors in this abstract.  Not quite as vivid in person.

Great looking floor lamps are tricky to find, unless they're a fortune. I thought this white floor lamp was good looking and interesting. 

By the way, can you believe tomorrow is the last One Room Challenge post before the reveal?  I was there today to take some photos and snapped this picture of their family room that we did over a year ago.  Still love it.
Can't wait!  I hope you come back tomorrow to see what we've been up to on their master bedroom.

See any finds on our shopping trip?  Be sure to let me know if you use of these pieces in your own home.  I'd love to see! xx

Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


Modern Farmhouse : Orange & Teal Guestroom Design

Happy Monday my friends!  
I hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was full of Michigan State football and beating the Wolverines.  :-)

My #modernfarmhousemi clients and I are slowly working our way through the whole house.  Today I'm sharing our plans for the guest bedroom.

It all started with this fabric.  My friend Julie is using it in her home, and when I saw yards and yards of it, I thought it would be perfect for my clients, because they love color.  Please ignore the reflection of the window on the fabric! 

 I want to bring out the orange, teal, and pink from the pattern.  This would be the euro shams on the bed, and then I'd add coral-orange velvet piping as the trim.

I've been waiting for the perfect place to use Leland gal fabric,  I love the pattern on this pillow and it has my orange and teal colors to perfection!  

Plus a little boho--because they've got boho style, and it adds a fun texture to the room.

Julie from Simple Redesign (You're going to be hearing her name often because we work closely together and she's awesome.) posted this desk on Facebook and I was first to pounce on it.  I love the shape of the legs!  It was a dresser but the drawers were in poor condition, so Julie removed them and is selling it as a desk.  I would like to see it lacquered in white, but add the color on the underside: either coral or teal.
A clear stool would get pushed under the desk to allow the color to show through.  Plus, I like the the juxtaposition of a farmhouse and the modern look of the ghost stool.

Can you even handle this pair of nightstands I found?  They are so unique and the drawers slide like butter.  Sadly there is no furniture company stamp on them. Trust me, I looked.  So I have no idea who made them, but I can't wait to see them in the room.  I'm so thankful my clients loved them as much as I did.  Julie will lacquer them glossy white and paint the inside of the drawers coral--sneaky color.  Design is in the details!

What do you think?  I like to take more risks, especially with color in a guest room, because people are only staying in the space for a short time so why not make a statement?!

To see the plans for the farmhouse master bedroom click here.

Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


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